Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wyoming's Serengeti

Yellowstone has many similarities to the Serengeti/Masai Mara ecosystems due to the large concentration of ungulates and their migrations patterns.  Although the number of migrants in Yellowstone is smaller, it is still a sight to enjoy.  The rainy and dry seasons, drive the migrations in East Africa; while in Yellowstone, the temperature changes between winter and summer are the forces that cause the migrations.  Above we have some buffaloes jumping a tributary of the Yellowstone River; you will see wildebeests jumping the Mara River in Kenya but in larger numbers.  

Due to the large numbers of visitors in both Yellowstone and East Africa, ways of controlling their impact in the ecosystems are very similar.  In Yellowstone, vehicular traffic is limited to the roads; this is a practice adopted in the recent past in the Seregenti, and to a more limited extends in the Masai Mara.  Off the road driving is not longer the rule in Africa.  Another phenomenon is the concentration of people/vehicles where an unusual animal sight is found or where a kill have occurred.

The lions of Yellowstone are the wolves and their cousins the coyotes.  There are also  bears as well as smaller ones as the badgers.  The wolves were recently reintroduced in the park and their presence has attracted a loyal group of trackers that spent endless hours recording their behavior.

I had visited this park in all seasons except for the winter; I do not handle cold temperatures well. Spring is probably the most exciting because of all the new life as well as the flowers abundantly present.  Of course, fall is also colorful because of the changes in foliage and the elks rutting season.  Summer…it is for the tourists.  Yellowstone is the Premier Park in the USA; there are animals, unusual landscapes to include geysers and waterfalls.  A place of wonders.  


marlis said...

gracias Jose por este post tan interesante!!!!, siempre me fascino Yellowstone y algun dia me gustaria ir a Africa, un sueño que tengo desde que era muy chica y leia todos los libros sobre Africa que podia encontrar, un abrazo


EXcelente lugar para hacer fotos José ve quelas oportunidades son infinitas...
como siempre es un gusto pasar a ver tu Blog
El profe :9

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

A wonderful comparrison Jose but there are some words missing here ..... lions, elephants, giraffe, cheetah, zebra...... etc. :) I dont think there is anything better than Africa when it comes to wildlife.