Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Buenos Aires/La Boca

Buenos Aires is the pre-eminent European Capital of the Southern Hemisphere. If you are flown there and do not know where you are, you may think you are in any of the old capitals of western Europe such as Barcelona, Budapest, Milano or Zagreb. The colorful images above and below is of an old area of the city called La Boca. This zone is one of the oldest of the city and it has an a Bohemian air with streets full of artists, peddlers and the ubiquitous pick pockets.

La Boca is mainly a tourist area but if you wander just a couple of blocks away from this zone, you will find yourself in a rundown slum. Wondering as I do, I ventured into this area and soon a passing local accosted me and told to get out because it would not be long before I would be relieved of my camera. Yes, there were threatening looking characters but the photo opportunities were tempting. Fortunately I left with the camera and a few rewarding images as the one below.

As you can see, the color combinations are saturated and well aged. One can spend days in this place and never get tired of the photo opportunities and the propositions. Would you like to tango?

But as in any place, there are friendly characters checking you out wandering " where is this guy coming from?


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

What a colorful city Jose and I can imagine how many photo opportunities there might be. Besides the cat, I am sure the lady in red was friendly too? :)

The first building is very unusual being so narrow and I wonder what the apartments above must look like inside. Probably not enough room to swing a cat inside. :)

When one travels as you do, I am sure you come across many interesting and unusual sights such as these.

Thanks for sharing.

NatureStop said...

What a colourful and interesting place this seems to be.Thanks for sharing.
Really loved the images of Iguazu Falls in your previous post!

Juan C. Aguero said...

Bonita historia,

gidje said...

Hi Jose,

What a "colorful" post. I like the second image. It's as if the buildings were made of childrens construction paper. I also like the image with the cat. Very nice!

Hope all is well.

Tombazana said...

Lindo...deu-me até vontade de viajar...PARABÉNS


Frederik said...

Nice and colorful pics!
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Ken Conger Photography said...

Certainly an exceptional colorful post Don Jose. The third image of the series is my fav for several reasons. Blue Skies.

Anonymous said...

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