Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Three Canadians Cities in 3 Days.

Decided to drive to Canada in the winter time... plenty of cold, rain and a bit of snow; not disappointed.  Drove to Montreal first and in the way there, stopped at Montmorency Falls (above), had the whole place to myself. It was a trying day to photograph due to the mists and the frozen fingers.

I found the city full of energy with lots renovations downtown, no doubt is undergoing a revival…the sad thing, I was there 30 years ago and did not recognize anything except from areas in the waterfront and the Notre Dame Cathedral.  They have great graffiti such as the giant cock stepping in the top of a car and a giant genie.

There is a great  degree of sophistication in the city as depicted by the images above.  The citizens have taste as expressed by the statue of the snobbish women with a dog, the image in a glass door as well as the architectural design that took advantage of the glass walled building reflecting the image of a neighboring hotel.  Montreal has a lot to offer but have to go to Quebec (below).

Quebec is the most European city I have encountered in North America. Very historical when it comes to the wars between the British and French Empires…one may have won the battle but the culture wars  has not been settle yet…hope it stays that way.  Where can one see the whole history in a spread no longer than 4 feet or is it 1.2 meters?

The streets in the old town are not much different than those in a French or Dutch small town in Europe. But unfortunately all the all houses first floors are tourists traps ready to take your Yankee dollars that most merchants were willing to accept.  And there is always a one-horsepower cabbie waiting around the corner.

Since there it was a low tourist season, I had the privilege to get a private tour of Parliament and rub elbows the bored Quebec Press and the accosted politicians.  The live of a photo journalist is one of hurry up and wait.  The building was impressive with its own private restaurant and everyone is allowed to eat there; very democratic.

There is a lot the city has to offer to all ages as well as old landmarks as the Frontenac Hotel to a more contemporary waterfront building, a great place.  On my way to Ottawa next.

Ottawa is no competition for either Montreal or Quebec; wonder why the capital is here?  There was a surprise; Maman, the cosmopolitan spider was here in front of the National Gallery of Canada.  She travels wide; I previously photographed it in Bilbao, Spain (second image above).  Wonder is she gets to fly first class?By the way, this is an outstanding museum and I spent most of the day there neglecting the rest of the rainy cold city.  In the way back to the USA, visited Niagara Falls, they are spectacular in the winter.


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Not sure if I would want to do a trip like this in three days not to mention the cold but as you say, most of the time you find you have places all to yourself which is a bonus.

This was very interesting for me Jose as I have never been to Canada. Thanks.

Unknown said...

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