Sunday, August 27, 2017

Back Again

Rumors of my demise are premature.  Just gone for the longest period with no time to process images or update the blog.  Hope to catch up soon, this is just a sampler. Traversed the USA twice and finally visited North Dakota; now I have been to all the states of the Union.  Added several national parks and suffered the biggest lost every dropping my camera and lens in Yellowstone. 

Guatemala after a 10 years absence, it has changed a lot since I was there first in 1974.  Antigua has become a “boutique” tourist trap but has kept its charm. The capital is full of skyscrapers…where is the money coming from?

Then to Alaska; probably the most risky adventure flying small bush planes and encounters with  bears that never seen human beings.  Big changes in Anchorage where traffic jams are a daily routine and Homer where the tourists do not fit in the town.  The world is getting crowded with not many left that has not been photographed.

And just returned from South Carolina where I photographed the Solar Eclipse; the 4th of my lifetime and where I got my best photos. Old age improves perfection; or does it?

Did I forget other places?